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New Presentations



Saver's Index Annuity Plus and Saver's Index Annuity Premier
The original Saver's Index Annuities have become quite a legend in the indexed annuity marketplace. And now, the legend continues with these two new products that add even more features and flexibility to the series.



Lifetime Income Riders
Find out how the Lifetime Income Riders available on Saver's Index Annuity Plus and Saver's Index Annuity Premier allows customers to take the income and enjoy the outcome.


Expanding the IRA Market
IRAs are one of the most powerful savings tool available. IRAs can be suitable for different people for different reasons, providing you with numerous opportunities to assist your customers in reaching their retirement goals.


Supplemental Retirement Income
Help your successful small business owner customers achieve their own or their key employees’ retirement goals. Using variable universal life, this strategy can enhance any current retirement plan.


Legacy Secure SL
You can build anything when you have the right building blocks. Legacy Secure SL is flexible enough to respond to life's changing needs, yet competitive enough to provide affordable, solid guarantees to strengthen the foundation for your customers' personal, business or estate planning goals.


To “B” or Not To “B”
With the increasing estate tax unified credit, it may be necessary for some of your customers to examine their estate planning strategies when in comes to their “B” trust.


Review LBL’s turnkey charitable gift annuity program that has benefits for the donor, the charity and the financial professional.


Fixed Annuity Presentations



Allstate Treasury-Linked Annuity
Discover how the unique design of Allstate Treasury-Linked Annuity can provide a wide array of sales opportunities with your more risk-adverse customers, especially in today’s market.


Saver's Index Annuity
Simple in design, secure from volatility, solid in returns. It’s this classic performance that has made Saver’s Index Annuity stand the test of time. Find out how it remains a competitive product in today’s market.


SureHorizon Annuity Series
Discover the dynamic duo SureHorizon II and SureHorizon Choice – two fixed annuities designed to help you give your customers more.


Advanced Planning



AssetMax is a wealth transfer planning strategy designed to help your customers pass on more of their wealth to their beneficiaries. Discover who your prospects might be and find out where you can get more information.


Single Employer Welfare Benefit Plans (419 Plans)
Single employer welfare benefit plans appeal to a growing number of smaller-sized companies. Find out the highlights of 419(e) plans and the marketing opportunity with Lincoln Benefit Life’s selected plans and plan sponsors.

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